Deferred Payment Contracts - Sell your crop whenever, at delivery or forward contract, and receive payment at a later date.  Usually done for tax purposes.

Delayed Price Contract (Call for availability) - This feature is not always available. The seller delivers grain to the elevator and is issued a delayed price contract.  The seller can price the grain in the future at his/her discretion up until the final delayed pricing date of (August 30 of the following crop year).  The seller has the option of receiving a 60% advance on the contract based on current prices.  There is a service charge of $2.00 per tonne per month for this until the crop is sold.  The Title of the grain then passes to the elevator upon delivery of the bushels.

Forward Contracts - The producer can book ahead of time any number of bushels at the current future prices.

Spot/Cash Sales on delivery - The producer can sell each load as it is delivered at the current posted price.  Grain can only be priced when markets are open (9:30am-2:15pm Monday - Friday).

Direct Ship - Direct ship contracts are also available.  Please contact the elevator for pricing.

Basis Contracts - Lock in the basis level and price the futures when you deliver.  Available at your request.

Store Your Crop - Hope - plan on a better price at a later date.  Charges are $2 per tonne per month, calculated daily.  You get your money when you sell your crop.


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